in tactical

Alliance established in 2009

Formed by six leading tactical communications
companies in Europe.

Backed by

OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation) and six nations: Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain

We provide European software-defined radio technology that ensures
autonomy, security and technical sovereignty for armies across the continent
while providing NATO with advanced communication systems.


  • Provides transmission capacity
  • Determines frequencies, modulation, networking, data, protocols, data rate and COMSEC/TRANSEC
  • Ensures full interoperability between different radio equipment and multiple armies


  • Development of the secure SCA as the basis to achieve interoperability between armed forces of European states.
  • Development of the ESSOR High Data Rate Waveform (HDRWF) to become the reference standard in Europe and at NATO level.
  • Development of other waveforms (narrowband, ground-air-ground) to become the reference standard in Europe and at NATO level.

Establish guidelines and processes to develop portable waveforms, as well as to validate interoperability of radio platforms and lay the foundations for secure interoperability between European and NATO armed forces.


High interoperability incoalition operations

Enhanced connectivity trough high-performance and secure mobile IP networks (MANET)

Improved command and control effectiveness

Quick and secure
data exchange

High-performance COMSEC and TRANSEC

Scalable, tailored networks that self-organize and

Capability to operate with or without satellite
positioning systems (GNSS)

High flexibility

Allowing the radio equipment to adapt to any scenario.

Waveforms and its parametres can be changed depending on data volume, distance, topography or radio spectrum status and occupancy.

Easy to configure 

Fit for any SCA compliant platform.

Independence from hardware platform, easy to import to multivendor radios.

Easy to upgrade 

Enabling seamless adoption of
future technologies

High maintainability, making updates easy to implement.

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